Ocean Orthodontic Clinic is Going Green!

What do we do already to help?

Digital impressions:
We use intra oral scanning instead of conventional impression material moulds. This reduces our impact on the environment as there is no impression material used which sits in landfill for thousands of years.

This then needs to be posted to the laboratory. The digital impression file we take is shared with the laboratory electronically. There are no paper lab tickets involved.

Digital X-rays
These are used with low levels of radiation to capture images of your teeth and bone levels, which are then sent directly to the computer. It is the safest form of radiography available. They are much more eco-friendly compared to conventional film radiographs as there are no chemicals involved in the process and produce around 90% less radiation than the traditional x-rays. Therefore the release of radiation into the environment is reduced down to almost nothing.

Digital Photographs
All our patient images are stored securely digitally without the need to print photos. This saves on paper and ink.

We are completely paperless with regards to patient notes, this allows us to store patient records digitally. We also use Ipads to complete medical histories, GDPR forms, NHS treatment forms and more! Also in surgery we use to paper tray liners instead of plastic ones, this reduces the amount of plastic we are using.

Autoclavable 3 in 1 tips
An Autoclave is a machine that is used to remove bio hazardous waste from the surface of the instrument’s and tools we use. Autoclaves sterilise through physical means by using pressure, temperature and steam. We currently use auto-clavable 3 in 1 tips instead of plastic ones– we carry out the decontamination process and send these through our autoclaves, which allows them to become sterilised and ready for reuse. We use these at least 10 times a day so by changing to metal reusable tip it means we have cut down on the amount of plastic we use!

Autoclavable cups
We have recently changed to autoclavable metal cups for patients to rinse out from instead of plastic ones.

These are sterilised using our autoclaves. This reduces our plastic waste considerably.

Bamboo tooth brushes
Our home care kits contain eco-friendly 100% biodegradable bamboo tooth brushes. We also stock the eco-friendly Truth Brush.

We recycle all of our cardboard, paper and packaging, we have separate bins in our practice to help!

Communicating via email
We try and communicate via our secure email or text messaging service where we can. This minimises our carbon footprint compared to posting letters and writing down appointments on appointment cards.

What we are going to do in the near future
We are looking at the products we use to clean the practice and switching to organic and pareben free products to reduce the chemicals we use.
We are looking at Envirodent instrument recycling program – they will collect old or unwanted instruments of any brand. Ship instruments to their recyclers for responsible disposal. Acquire brand new Hu-friendly instruments of our choice for participation. For any 12 instruments we recycle we get 1 instrument free!

For more information on the measures Ocean Orthodontic Clinic in Torbay are taking to “go green” please give us a call on 01803 613311