NHS Orthodontics

About NHS Orthodontics

We are proud to hold an NHS Orthodontic contract for Torbay which allows us to treat children and young adults under the age of 18 years, with a clear health need for treatment, on the NHS free of cost to you. However, we want you to be aware before we see your child, that NHS treatment may not be available if your child’s health need does not fit the NHS criteria. A rating system is used to assess eligibility for NHS treatment. for more information click here  The initial examination by an orthodontist will be free of charge on the NHS, available on the receipt of a general dentist referral. Those who qualify for NHS treatment will have their brace fitted at the first possible appointment.

For NHS treatment we use all metal braces and have limited appointment times that may mean your child taking time off school. If you would like to start treatment without the need to go on a waiting list or you feel aesthetic braces and more flexible appointment times are important to you, then our private treatment options may be more suitable for your child. We offer a range of private treatment option packages for under 18 year old, prices start from £2,250.

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What to expect from NHS Treatment

Your first appointment:

You will initially be seen by one of our orthodontists for an assessment to discuss the best treatment options available to you and your eligibility for NHS treatment. A screening x-ray may also be taken to assess your growth, development and the best time to start treatment.



The brace will then be designed and fitted. Over the treatment time you will have regular appointments, typically every 8-12 weeks, to adjust your brace and gradually move your teeth into the correct position


Removal and retention of your brace:

Once your treatment is complete and your braces removed you will be fitted with a retainer to help stabilise your teeth. This is to be worn as instructed but will usually be every night for the first twelve months, then as instructed depending on check up appointments


Loss or damage of your appliance:

You will be responsible for the care of your appliance or brace and if lost or damaged you may be charged for a replacement appliance.



If you have any breakages or problems, please contact us for help or to arrange an emergency appointment where you will be seen at the first available appointment.